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    Who We Are

    Jameesa and Bryan Oakley

    Hello, we are Jameesa and Bryan Oakley of Portland, Oregon. Like many others on election night 2016, our family was left in shock and disbelief. How could a man who campaigned on hate become President of the United States? What would this mean for our values of love, decency and inclusion? How could we rise above the oppression and make an impact?
    With inspiration from some like-minded friends we realized we could utilize our professional resources. Our family already owned and operated a small sign printing business. Why not use our vocation to benefit the causes we believe in? Through visual displays of art and solidarity, we’ve inspired resistance and demanded action.

    Over the years, we’ve had the good fortune of partnering with individuals, organizations & movements that advance progressive causes. We’ve helped grass roots efforts raise funds and reach more people. It’s been an incredible honor & we still have so much to do! Maybe we can we help your cause or campaign?

    If our work inspires you, please consider making a purchase. If you want to see others display our graphics, ask us about our bulk rates & custom printing.

    We sincerely appreciate your interest in our work.
    In love and solidarity,
    - Jameesa & Bryan