Do you have a great cause?  We invite like-minded individuals, organizations & movements to raise funds for their cause(s) by simply sharing our solidarity graphics.  Here's how: 

Wholesale Fundraising Program

This is the simplest option and offers you the most control.  Simply wholesale purchase your signs in volumes of tens (e.g., 10, 20, 30, etc.) and distribute on your own.  You get to set your own asking price and distribution methods.  Your cost is $10 per sign + $1 per stake.  This program includes FREE next-day production & FREE overnight shipping to anywhere in the the U.S.  We can also brand your sign with your website links & logos.

Affiliate Fundraising Program

This program does not require any up front money.  We simply create links for you to share with your friends, family and associates via email or social media.  They can order the signs directly from these links and choose to have them shipped to their address or to pick the signs up from you.  Our affiliate list price is $15 per sign + $1 per stake.  We payout the difference between your wholesale rate for signs/stakes and our list prices (less applicable merchant fees).  Conditions may apply.  Please contact us for more details.